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Life can be so cruel
30 days meme 
26th-Oct-2010 01:48 pm
Haha, I totally forgot the meme yesterday again. XD

Day 24: A J-Rock song that makes you happy.

It’s Friends from Wizard. It always left a pretty energetic impression on me. Sure there are a lot of other songs from other bands as well, but Friends was the first one popping up in my mind. XD

Day 25: A J-Rock group that you have seen live.

Hahahahaha…. Only one? I went to so many concerts already, I saw around 60 different bands.
To count some of them: Wizard, Screw, Dauto, Ando, Para:noir, Dio, Deluhi, Nightmare, V-last., Sadie, Vanessa, Reivier, Lolita, 12012, Versailles, Matenrou Opera….

Day 26: Your favorite interview with a J-Rock group.
Day 27: A J-Rock member that you would like to meet.
Day 28: A J-Rock group you wish would get back together.
Day 29: A J-Rock song you never get tired of.
Day 30: Your favorite J-Rock album.
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