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Life can be so cruel
30 days meme 
20th-Oct-2010 06:56 pm
Haha, now it happened. I forgot to post one day. XD
I'm really surprised it didn't happen earlier.

Day 18: Your favorite J-Rock cover song.

I’m still in looooove with Koi no vacance. Touryuumon was just hilarious and I always love to hear Dauto’s minialbum again.

Day 19: Best live J-Rock group.

Err…. It’s the same like day 9… So what should I say? The band I would love to see live over and over again is Wizard, but all other bands I like are pretty good as well. So I can’t give a concrete answer.

Day 20: Your favorite picture of your J-Rock idol.
Day 21: Your favorite piece of J-Rock merchandise.
Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite J-Rock group.
Day 23: Your favorite J-Rock tour.
Day 24: A J-Rock song that makes you happy.
Day 25: A J-Rock group that you have seen live.
Day 26: Your favorite interview with a J-Rock group.
Day 27: A J-Rock member that you would like to meet.
Day 28: A J-Rock group you wish would get back together.
Day 29: A J-Rock song you never get tired of.
Day 30: Your favorite J-Rock album.
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